$SLRM Phase 1 (continued)
Transparency & Future Plans
Transparency - At Salary Eco Finance, we believe that transparency equals trust. To this end, we felt it would be of great value to remind our community:
  • The Salary Eco Finance team is Doxxed. We don't hide behind pseudonyms and avatars. It is in our best interest to do right by those who stand behind us
  • All transactions on all miners will be viewable by all. This includes (but is not limited to):
    • Where the miners are physically placed
    • How many tokens have been mined by the network (aka Token Yields)
    • How much revenue has been generated by the network (aka Revenue Yield)
  • Our wallets and their corresponding movements will always be audit-able by the community, as well as third party partners
Future Plans - The Helium network represents the first mining farm venture we are embarking upon - but it will eventually be joined by other tokens and mining rig configurations as the network grows. Our goal is to diversify our mining farm much as one diversifies a crypto portfolio, to help bolster the ROI to our holders as well as temper against wild market swings/valuations that have historically driven up operating costs above the Revenue Yield point.
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