$SLRM Phase 1
Strategy & Deployment
Strategy - As previously mentioned, crypto mining has a proven track record as a viable method for generating passive income. Once we agreed on $SLRM being our first Salary Eco Finance rollout, we began drafting our strategy. With most new ventures, we tasked ourselves with finding the most cost-effective AND profitable solution for building out the mining farm network.
We identified the Helium network ($HNT) as the best candidate for our Phase 1 rollout. Helium already has a functioning network.
With Helium, the goal is to place mining rigs in strategically advantageous locations. Helium miners also double as long-range WiFi hotspots. Miners are rewarded with $HNT tokens based on the traffic/throughput logged on their miners. With careful and strategic placement, a well-placed Helium network can generate massive returns on investment.
Deployment - As stated earlier in the whitepaper, we do fundamentally believe that Community is the most powerful and effective tool for advancing initiatives. Additionally and fortunately, our community hails from all over the world. To reduce overhead costs and maximize profits, we needed to identify a "starting location" for our farm.
Our strongest 'sphere of influence' (at the onset of our journey) is in the country of Turkey. Specifically:
  • We have more trusted points of contact in Turkey than other countries
  • The need for wireless internet access in Turkey is enormous
  • Our overhead cost for establishing, distributing, and maintaining a fully meshed coverage network is manageable
  • Based on the above, we will be able to return profits to our Holders far more quickly than we would if we deployed to other countries/regions
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