$SLRM Abstract (continued)
Enter $SLRM!
The Salary Mining Token ($SLRM) is the first offshoot of the Salary Eco Finance platform, and it comes to us with a very special and exciting purpose: to build, maintain, and expand a physical mining farm in the "real world".
We selected $SLRM as our first rollout for Salary Eco Finance for many reasons, but at the top of the list, were these three pillars:
  • Crypto Mining has a proven history of generating passive income for individuals and businesses alike
  • Crypto Mining has a popular appeal - but many people do not know how to get started/involved
  • We saw an opportunity to utilize the revenue earned from mining tokens to place demand & buying pressure on the $SLR token
With each purchase of $SLRM, a percentage of the collected taxes are applied to the Mining Farm budget. This budget is utilized to purchase physical mining equipment. The mining equipment is then utilized to mine OTHER cryptocurrencies.
The tokens that are mined are periodically sold.
Profits are used to buy and distribute $SLR to $SLRM holders.
A full breakdown of this process, including ALL tax destinations is available in the Tokenomic section (next page!)
The mining of other cryptos is the key pillar of the project. As previously mentioned - Reflection based tokens/systems require utility or an outside source, to drive volume and value. $SLRM is the first Salary Eco Finance product to deliver on that necessity.
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