$SLRM Abstract
Our History, Our Future...
In November of 2021, the Salary token was launched - and was met with wild success. In just seven days, the token reached a market cap of $10,000,000. As of this writing (April 2022), the $SLR token has paid out investors over $750,000 USDT in rewards.
Despite this success - we quickly realized that $SLR could not stand on its own. As is true with all 'Reflection-based' tokens, $SLR required an outside source to consistently drive demand.
This basic but straightforward need has been addressed by projects in the Decentralized Finance space in many different ways. At Salary Eco Finance, we we felt it was important to differentiate ourselves from the competition.
We feel that the best way to create value for our Holders is to focus on solving real-world problems. To this end, our think tank proposed multiple, utility-driven functions to apply to the already established $SLR token.
It was at this time that we began drafting the premise for the Salary Eco Finance platform. Ultimately, we didn't feel it was responsible or logical to change the fundamental, basic function of $SLR. The token works perfectly as-is. It simply required an incentive to drive up contract volume. As a result, we began designing an ecosystem around $SLR.
The premise of the Salary Eco Finance platform dictates that multiple projects will be developed to drive strong ROI to $SLR holders via passive income. At the same time, each individualized project within the Salary Eco Finance platform must "stand on its own" - meaning that investors should not be afraid to invest in one, some, or all of our products.
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