Rewarded NFT's
We are currently planning to release an NFT collection.
Salary will release the first rewarded NFT's in the market.
These NFT's will be a part of the Salary Ecosystem which is growing every day,- just by holding the NFT, the holder will receive rewards from daily trading volume. You can use your NFT character in the Salary-Game on the mobile version or our website. By playing the Salary-Game, you will earn awesome rewards. With each passing level, the benefits will increase. Your NFT character is not random - and as such must be purchased directly from SALARY. The NFT's are divided into 6 different groups, or ranking list (i.e. the higher the ranking, the more rewards that are generated!) The holders of the NFT's receive automatic rewards depending on the rank/group of their NFT. More information about the NFT collection will be announced.
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