The SALARY Team is comprised of individuals with real-world experience solving real-world problems. As cryptocurrency has continued to evolve in different directions, a growing need for a strong business mindset has arisen. Coupled with a need to solve real-world economic challenges (basic income, inflation, cost of banking, etc.) the necessary elements for a successful cryptocurrency have become multi-faceted. The team behind Salary consists of a group of well-established professionals in the fields of finance, mathematics, business, and marketing. The team has been fully Doxxed, are KYC-verified, and communicate directly with the community via regular AMA's and chats on Twitter, YouTube, Telegram, and Discord. Selim Cebba - Founder & CEO Master's of Science in Applied Economics. 7 years of experience in International Business and the development of new strategies for passive income. Zouhir Addi - CMO 5 years of experience in Digital Marketing and Community Management. Mehmet Sener - Ecosystem Architect Master's of Science in Applied Mathematics. Experienced in applying mathematical methods/models to solve real-world problems.
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