Loyalty is trust. Trust is a new currency, much like Bitcoin, because the level of trust between a company and its customer directly translates to how each may benefit from each other. At SALARY, we believe that the cryptocurrency and traditional finance sectors are severely disconnected. Individuals all over the world struggle to find ways to send/receive funds at a reasonable cost while maintaining the strongest levels of security and convenience.
Even though technological advancements in the Decentralized Finance space have made tremendous strides in mitigating costs, increasing efficiencies, and maintaining the highest levels of security, there remains a need for a strong “bridge” between these two “worlds”. SALARY intends on being this bridge. Our road will be a winding one – with many milestones and checkpoints along the way. We encourage you to join us on this adventure.
At the onset of our journey, we proudly bring you our centerpiece technology, the SALARY token – a deflationary, frictionless yield generating asset that enables holders to earn passive income by just holding it in a BSC wallet.
This is just our first step. In the coming months, we intend on building on-chain activity via a plethora of new projects, such as our Debit Card, our Mining token (SLRM), and more. We’re just getting started.
Welcome to SALARY.
Last modified 3mo ago
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