Benefits of Salary
‘Smooth as Silk Frictionless Yield Generation’ – Unlike other coins/tokens that require staking in liquidity pools or other complicated steps to earn rewards, SALARY requires you to simply hold the token in your wallet (along with enabling USDT) to start earning. So simple!
‘Your Rewards, Your Terms’ – SALARY pays out rewards in USDT (Tether), a stable-coin tied to the US Dollar. USDT is by far the most popular stable-coin, and has market pairs with almost every other cryptocurrency in existence. No need to needlessly convert or swap your tokens into other currencies like so many other projects.
‘A Monster-Sized Reward Structure’ – SALARY offers its holders the highest reward payout structure in the crypto space – at a whopping 8% on all buy and sell transactions.*
‘A Robust Road Map’ – SALARY’s entire model is driven by market trading volume. To ensure on-chain volume continues to grow at a steady pace, the team has a ton of projects and upgrades on the horizon. Be sure to check our Road Map section for updates!
‘It Takes a Village…’ – We may be a newly minted digital asset, but our Community is exploding with growth. SALARY maintains a presence on Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Instagram, and more. Have a question on rewards? Want to hear what others have been doing with theirs? Stop by and say hello! Everyone is welcome!
*See The SALARY Ecosystem section for more information on how the Rewards System works!
Last modified 3mo ago
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