Decentralized Finance has opened a door to a larger world. Throughout the crypto space, terms such as DEX and DApp have become commonplace. New tokens are launching every day. Yield Farming has become akin to digging for digital gold – sometimes resulting in a fruitful bounty, and sometimes yielding a fruitless headache. ‘Meme Coin Culture’ has taken the world by storm. Tokens are touting enticing Tokenomic characteristics – token burns on every transaction, rewards and reflection payments based on volume, lotteries, governance, dual-coin economies – the list is endless.
The more the crypto industry continues to come up with these products and mechanisms, the more plausible the prospect of combining of these mechanisms becomes. Indeed, entire ecosystems are organically developing – some existing on single blockchains – others on multiple.
Salary is a multi-tiered ecosystem comprising of revenue stream sources or ‘Paycheck-Points’. All revenue is paid in USDT, frictionlessly - simply for holding the SLR token in a BSC wallet with Pegged $USDTether enabled.
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