-The Path to True Financial Freedom-
SALARY is a Binance Smart Chain (BSC) token built on ‘best-in-class’ Decentralized technology, automatically rewarding holders in Pegged USD ($USDTether), a regulated, stable-coin, pegged 1-1 with the US dollar.
SALARY was designed with many initiatives and goals in mind – but with one Mission at the heart of them all:
To provide consistent, meaningful, and ‘life-changing’ passive income to all participants of the SALARY ecosystem. Salary Eco Finance is proud to be the world's first Yield Generation token to reward its holders in $USDTether. It is establishing a new standard in DeFi 3.0 Tokenomics with its innovative and life-changing token distribution strategy. Crypto Salary is intended to be held long-term to generate passive income and capital growth. Due to the stable-coin rewards being paid on all transactions, investors benefit during both Bull and Bear markets.
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